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Other Services


Indulge in the rejuvenating experience of our Massage service. Our skilled therapists offer a range of techniques to soothe both body and mind. Whether you seek relaxation, stress relief, or targeted muscle therapy, our massages are tailored to your specific needs. Feel the tension melt away as you embark on a journey to improved well-being and relaxation.

Cranial Sacral Sessions

Our Cranial Sacral Sessions provide a deeply relaxing and therapeutic experience. This gentle touch therapy focuses on releasing tension and promoting balance in the cranial and sacral regions of the body. By enhancing the flow of cerebrospinal fluid, these sessions aim to alleviate stress, improve mental clarity, and enhance the body’s natural healing abilities. Discover the profound benefits of cranial sacral therapy for overall well-being and tranquility.


Intuitive Wellness Coaching is a transformative journey towards holistic well-being. Our expert coaches provide personalized guidance to help you connect with your inner wisdom, addressing physical, mental, and emotional health. Through intuitive insights, we empower you to make positive lifestyle changes, fostering greater balance and vitality. Discover your unique path to wellness and embark on a life-changing experience with our intuitive wellness coaching service.

Flower Essence Consultations

Our Flower Essence Consultations service provides a unique and natural approach to emotional well-being and holistic healing. Through personalized consultations, our experienced practitioners identify the most suitable flower essences to address emotional imbalances, stress, and personal growth. These essences, made from the healing properties of various flowers, can gently restore harmony to your emotional state and promote overall vitality. Discover the power of nature’s remedies to nurture your emotional wellness.


At Plum Tree Holistic Care, we pride ourselves on hosting events that are not just gatherings, but transformative experiences. Each event is crafted with our hallmark dedication to exceptional customer service and individualized care. We believe in creating a welcoming atmosphere where every participant feels valued and understood. Our events range from wellness workshops and educational seminars to interactive sessions on holistic health practices. In these gatherings, our skilled practitioners provide personalized attention, ensuring that each attendee’s health and wellness journey is acknowledged and nurtured. Join us at our next event and become a part of our caring and supportive community, where your well-being is our top priority.

Our Dedicated Team is Ready to Guide and Support You

We’re here for you every step of the way in your wellness journey. Our dedicated team provides personalized care, guidance, and unwavering support. From consultations to tailored treatment plans, we empower you to take control of your health. Trust us to help you achieve optimal well-being.